Friday, January 21, 2011

30 Below zero today!!!


  1. I feel your pain!!! we have been in a deep freeze for a while too...this weekend we got warm enough that I went outside in a sweater!!! lol
    I have missed visiting your blog..I need to find more hours in a day just to get all that I want done and still visit the favorite folks who make blogging fun!
    hugs friend....I hope life is being good to you!

  2. Best photographs you shared with us. I also so much crazy to take photographs in winter sessions, I have so many collection of green garden with ice.
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  3. What an idyllic setting, Cindy!
    So pretty!
    Looking forward to our first snowfall. Nothing yet but two small and slight "dustings"!

    Stay warm.
    Brrrr. That's really cold!