Monday, December 15, 2008

Sun Dogs

I took this picture of the Sun Dogs this morning. This often happens after a blizzard, its caused by

light being reflected off of ice crystals...(or something like that). It looked like there were 3

suns!.....The top picture was taken from the front porch last night after the storm.


  1. Wow what a spectacular view;) French it was a crazy unseasonably 74 degrees here??? Crazy I know (lol) French;)

  2. HOW COOL IS THAT! I've never seen a sun dog before!! I'm so glad you shared that amazing picture. Oh and please keep all the snow! I'm not ready to shovel that white crap just yet.

  3. Wow, great this is what Christmas is supposed to look like! Beautiful... ;-) Bo

  4. Stay warm and safe ... it's below zero here today. I shoveled our driveway last night, fell so hard on my knees I thought they had broken and remembered the twenty four years I spent in Minneapolis.

  5. Cindy, what a beautiful picture... I so wish I was there with you... Love the sun dogs... what a strange name for the effect...Have a jolly day and try to keep warm...


  6. you have a great view! those photos are wonderful!
    now I see you saw my crown...and as queen of the day....I am telling you that you were the first to let me know I was not alone...if I find one..I will ship it to you...if that other one was not damaged..I was getting you one too!
    I will be in touch!

  7. Good lord girl, do I need to come up there and dig you out? It's beautiful but you must be freezing your butt off. :-)

  8. merry christmas safe


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